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Pro Timers has 12 simultaneous Countdown Timers and 8 simultaneous Stopwatches (count-up timers) along with a very large Digital Clock and Date view. Fully Multi-Tasking aware, all 12 alarms will fire when the app is in the background and even when the iPad is off.

It primarily works in landscape modes, but the big clock works in all orientations. There are 29 color themes to choose from using futuristic graphics that are based on the concepts and principles of the LCARS system introduced in ST:TNG.

All Countdown Timers have advanced features designed to meet the needs of molecular biologists, lab technicians, and broadcast professionals, among others. They can also be used for simpler tasks such as cooking, workouts and training, timed medications, tracking your productivity, keeping yourself focused, reminding yourself to take breaks to rest your eyes every 10 minutes, and reminding yourself to take a break from the computer every 50 minutes to stretch and relax.

Each Countdown Timer has:

  • A maximum time value of 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • A user-configurable name.
  • Individual Hours:Minutes:Seconds Up/Down buttons that rollover.
  • Decrementing Progress Bar during countdown for quick visual inspection.
  • Big Flashing Bracket Indicators when the countdown completes.
  • Alarm Sound plays every 10 seconds when the countdown completes.
  • Projected Finish Time.
  • Incrementing Elapsed Time after the countdown completes.
  • One-click time reset after countdown completes.
  • One-click Clear HH:MM:SS to 00:00:00.

You can monitor four Countdown Timers simultaneously, and quickly switch between groups.

You can also Start, Stop or Reset all 12 Countdown Timers with One-Tap.

One-Tap will also turn off all Countdown Timers that have finished while leaving the unfinished timers still running. (This is very convenient.) (Just click the START ALL button again.)

All sound fx can be muted for silent operation.

Each Stopwatch has:

  • Unlimited count-up time.
  • Accurate to 6 decimal places.
  • A user-configurable name.
  • The most recent 15 Stopwatch Times are stored and Bar Charted.
  • The shortest time is highlighted in the Bar Chart.
  • The longest time is highlighted in the Bar Chart.
  • The Lap Button records the elapsed time while the stopwatch continues.

You can monitor all 8 Stopwatches simultaneously.

You can start/stop/pause/resume all 8 Stopwatches with One-Tap.



  • 12 Countdown Timers
  • 8 Stopwatches
  • Fully Multi-Tasking Aware
  • Alarms fire when the app is in the background
  • Big Controls for distance monitoring
  • 29 Color Themes
  • Flashing Alarm Indicators
  • Alarm Sound FX
  • Mute All Sound FX
  • Digital Clock
  • Big Digital Clock
  • Date (Day Name, Weekday, Month, Year)
  • 12 Hour or 24 Hour Time
  • Special view for quickly renaming all Timers

Quick Start Guide

Top Bar (from left to right)

Tap the T end cap button in the top bar of the app to toggle between showing the Countdown Timers or Stopwatches.

Tap the THEME button to go to the next theme. Tap the cap button to its right (with the Theme number) to go to the previous theme. Note: This theme is also used for the Big Clock, but not for the Stopwatches, which has its own separate theme.

Tap the chronometer button that shows the current time to toggle between standard 12 hour and 24 hour time.

The date readout shows the current day name (Monday, Tuesday etc), month name, day of month, and year.

Tap the C end cap button to show the GigaClock with date readouts. It slides into view from the right.

Pro Timers Screenshot

Interior - Countdown Timers

Tap the T button in the top bar of the app to show the Countdown Timers in the interior of the ipad.

The UP and DOWN buttons (within the brackets in the bottom of the panel) allow you to set the amount of time that needs to elapse before the Countdown Timer will fire. (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) Tap to change by 1. They will also rollover to the start/end when you go past the max/min, respectively.

After you initially set countdown values for the timers, you can reset them back to those values after the timer fires by clicking the RESET button.

Use the CLEAR button to change all the values of a timer back to zero (00:00:00).

Use a START button to engage a Pro Countdown Timer. When tapped, the START button color changes to Red and the label changes to STOP. The associated progress bar at the very bottom of the iPad will become visible, and the calculated FINISH time will be displayed, which shows the time of day when that countdown timer is projected to finish, by adding the amount of countdown time to the current time. The FINISH time format is HH:MM:SS.

When the countdown timer finishes, the alarm sound will repeatedly play every 10 seconds, and the brackets will flash. The ELAPSED time readout will start to show how much time has elapsed since the timer finished, and will continue updating until the STOP button is tapped. The ELAPSED time format is HH:MM:SS.

Pro Timers Screenshot

Bottom Bar (from left to right)

Tap the START ALL button to simultaneously start all Countdown Timers.

Tap the STOP ALL button to simultaneously stop all Countdown Timers.

Tap the TIMERS 1-4 button to show the first group of four timers in the interior of the iPad.

Tap the TIMERS 5-8 button to show the second group of four timers in the interior of the iPad.

Tap the TIMERS 9-12 button to show the last group of four timers in the interior of the iPad.

Tap the RESET ALL button to simultaneously reset the countdown time of all Countdown Timers back to what they were when each one was last started.

Tap the RENAME button to show the view in the interior of the iPad that allows you to quickly rename all Countdown Timers and Stopwatches.

Use the MUTE button or the ON/OFF end cap button to turn all of the sound effects ON or OFF, including the alarm sounds when any timer triggers.



Background Tasks

When the app goes into the background, or you quit the app, or turn the iPad off while the app is already in the background, then Pro Timers automatically schedules background alarms for all currently running Countdown Timers. These background alarms will trigger a standard alert once every minute and play the alert sound.

If you just put the app into the background, then the Countdown Timers will still be running the next time the app is brought to the foreground.

However, if turn the iPad off while the app is still running in the foreground, NO background alarms are scheduled, but the Countdown Timers will still be running the next time the app is brought to the foreground.




Tap the START button to start a particular Stopwatch. Its title will change to STOP and tapping it will stop the Stopwatch, and then the next tap of the START button will restart the counter to zero.

When you tap the START button, the RESUME button changes to PAUSE. Tapping the PAUSE button while the Stopwatch is running will pause the Stopwatch, change its title to RESUME, and if tapped again will cause the Stopwatch to resume running from that point (without resetting it to zero).

Every time a Stopwatch is stopped or paused, the current amount of elapsed time is recorded and displayed in the Stopwatch Readouts view on the right, along with a percentage bar that uses the current longest elapsed time as the base. For instance, if the longest elapsed time is 20 seconds, then its associated bar will be widest. Then, if there were another elapsed time of 10 seconds, then its bar would be 50% as wide as the longest bar. Every time a new elapsed time is added to the Readouts, all of the percentage bars are recalculated using the currently longest elapsed time.

Additionally, the current shortest and longest elapsed time readouts are highlighted in non-white colors.

The LAP button for each Stopwatch is made visible when its associated START button is tapped, and hidden when its CLEAR button is tapped.

Tap a LAP button while a Stopwatch is running to record the current amount of elapsed time of the Stopwatch into the Stopwatch Readouts view while the Stopwatch continues to run.

Tap a CLEAR button to reset its Stopwatch back to zero (hiding its Stopwatch Readout), and delete all of its associated elapsed time entries from the Stopwatch Readouts view.

Note that the Stopwatch Readouts view automatically shows the readouts of the Stopwatch that was most recently started or stopped. To show the readouts collection of a different Stopwatch, tap one of the 8 bars between the ends of the bottom of the brackets enclosing the interior. Alternatively, tap the black arrows at the bottom of the brackets to show the next or previous readouts collection. The name of the currently selected Stopwatch is shown at to the left of the top-right bracket edge, while its number is shown to the right of the bottom-left bracket edge.

Note: The most recent 15 Elapsed Time Readouts are stored in the collection. After the limit of 15 is reached, subsequent additions to the collection will cause the oldest additions to be automatically removed using FIFO (First In, First Out) stacking.


Stopwatches - Bottom Bar

Tap theRESUME ALL button in the bottom bar to resume running all stopwatches that are not already running.

Tap theSTART ALL button in the bottom bar to start running all stopwatches that are not already running. Any stopwatch that was already running will continue running.

Tap theSTOP ALL button in the bottom bar to stop running all currently running stopwatches.

Tap the RENAME button to show the view in the interior of the iPad that allows you to quickly rename all Countdown Timers and Stopwatches.

Tap the global MUTE button or the ON/OFF end cap button to toggle all sound effects ON or OFF.



The Big Clock

The Big Clock view is ideal for quickly seeing the time, date or batter level from a distance, when your iPad is charging in its dock or stand. The Big Clock auto adjusts to its orientation.

To exit the Big Clock and go back the standard view, just tap anywhere in the interior of the view, eg between the fancy thick bars at the top and bottom of the iPad.

Pro Timers Screenshot



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