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NSColorCalculator has a custom Color Panel for working with colors that's designed to be easy to use, intuitive, yet very powerful with the features you need to get things done fast. In a nut, it's a revolutionary way to choose and compare colors.

For instance, any Cocoa or iOS developer is all too familiar with certain mind-numbingly tedious tasks that have to be repeated over and over again. One of these is the dreaded: Find a color in a graphics app using its color picker panel, and then manually typing in (or copy and pasting) the numbers for each of the 4 components of RGBA or HSBA colors. That's the least painful scenario. Some of these graphics apps only have color numbers in 0-255 format, which is useless in Cocoa/iOS, so you have to manually divide the color values by the appropriate amount. In short, this is a giant PITA sandwich.

NSColorCalculator feels your pain and is here to help. With one mouseClick or menuItem selection, you can copy any color in native NSColor or UIColor code, in RGBA or HSBA format, which you can then paste into Xcode. CIColor and CGColor are also supported.

Of course, this app isn't just for developers. Artists and graphic designers will love all the options for choosing and comparing colors including the Shade tech and Component Locking that are completely unique to this app.

Plus, you can grab the color under the mouse from any app or anywhere onscreen by holding down the Control key.


Color Panel



  • Grab the color under the mouse in any app by holding down the Control Key.
  • Revolutionary Shade Tech
  • Color Component Locking
  • Custom Color Pickers
  • Color Ring (with automatic complimentary colors)
  • RGBA and HSB Sliders
  • RGBA and HSB Gradient Bars
  • Swap Current and Previous Colors
  • Store Colors to Disk.
  • Store 100 Color Shades with one click.

Cocoa and iOS Developers

You can copy the current color as a Native Cocoa or iOS Code String to the pasteboard, which you can then paste into Xcode. Here are the current Code Options:


⌘ 4 NSColor object in Calibrated RGBA
⌘ 5 NSColor object in Calibrated HSBA
⌘ 6 NSColor object in Device RGBA
⌘ 7 NSColor object in Device HSBA
⌥ 4 CIColor object in RGBA
⌥ 5 CIColor object in RGB


⌘ 8 UIColor object in RGBA
⌘ 9 UIColor object in HSBA


⌘ 0 CGColor object in Generic RGBA

User Guide

NSColorCalculator User Guide

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